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1. Childhood history form.
2. Teacher feedback form.
3. Follow-up teacher feedback form.
4. The use of medication in managing ADHD.
5. Oppositional defiant disorder.
6. Dr Kewley’s article for general practitioners.
7. Social communication developmental history form.
8. Sluggish cognitive tempo ADD.
9. The Thomas Brown model of executive function.
10. Attention deficit disorder.

Other publications by Dr Kewley


British Journal of General Practice: 1 April 2014: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: clinical update
Geoff Kewley, Natasha Halliwell which you can see here and here
SEN Magazine: What do teachers need to know about ADHD?
Geoff Kewley & Neil Rutterford which you can see here
ADHD for General Practitioners. British Journal of General Practice....
ADHD & Youth Justice Issues.
Gifted & ADHD
The impact of ADHD on Society


ADHD: Recognition, Reality and Resolution
A benchmark book in Australia and UK when first published in 1999. It emphasized the importance of a good understanding of ADHD and recognition of the stress and impact having untreated ADHD can have on the child and family. It is still available on Amazon here.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - What Can Teachers Do?
Expert advice for teachers, which you can find here
100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils With ADHD. here