To make a referral for your son and daughter to be assessed by Dr Kewley regarding concern re learning and/or behavioural issues, please e-mail in the first instance. It would be helpful if you could give a brief summary of the issues just to be certain that we are the right referral source.

Once we receive this e-mail we will come back to you with information on the consultation and appointment times etc. We will also ask you to complete our childhood history form and arrange teacher feedback and send in copies of any previous relevant reports. This is so Dr Kewley can review all information prior to meeting with you and your child and thus use the consulting time most effectively.


Preparing your child for the consultation depends on your child’s age and the issues. It is generally helpful to discuss with them the reasons for the consultation and what might be expected before the appointment. Usually time is spent during the consultation with the child alone but this is not always the case depending on the particular problem and the age and understanding of the child. The consultation always aims to be held in a most constructive and understanding way. Usually at some stage parents are seen separately during the consultation.


The aim of the consultation is to assess the various difficulties, to see whether or not a diagnosis or diagnoses can be made and is appropriate, and then how best to manage the various problems. Sometimes a second appointment is necessary to achieve this.


Depending on whether or not medication is utilised and/or whether there are ongoing behavioural strategies in place, follow-up appointments are usually made initially in six weeks and subsequently every three to nine months depending on clinical problem.

Scripts, prescriptions are written at the time of consultation if possible. However if prescriptions are necessary to an appointment it is essential that as much notice as possible be given. Once the last repeat prescription is utilised please contact by e-mail to arrange further prescriptions so that there is sufficient time to avoid a last minute rush.

If there are issues that need discussing briefly between consultations please e-mail. Lengthy phone consultations or reports may be charged for in between consultations.